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  • SmartMax, My First Vehicles

    Get ready for 4 cool SmartMax trucks: a fire engine, a dumper truck, a cement mixer & a tow truck.
    Young children will love finding the right pieces to make the correct vehicle or mixing it up to create
    the weirdest combinations on the building site! Super easy to click together thanks to the signature
    SmartMax magnetic bars, this set also includes a white SmartMax ball, perfect for the dumper truck!


    1,790 THB
  • SmartMax, My First Totem

    Trigger your child’s creativity with SmartMax My First Totem.

    Build your own crazy totem, or complete one of the 24 challenges by making the funniest constructions.
    The extra-large SmartMax parts help young children to safely discover the magic of magnetism.

    SmartMax My First Totem contains 8 parts and 24 challenge cards, and is suitable for children from 18 months.
    The My First Totem set consists of different magnetic blocks, funny shapes with sounds, characters with different emotions and different textures.

    With SmartMax My First Totem there is no question of boredom, just hours of play and magnetic discovery!


    1,790 THB
  • Learning Resources, Farmer's Market

    สนุกสนานกับผลไม้หลากหลายชนิดสีสันสวยงามและฝึกทักษะการสังเกต จำแนกชนิดและสีสันของผลไม้ พร้อมกับความเข้าใจคณิตศาสตร์เบื้องต้นเช่น การนับ การเรียนรู้ค่าของจำนวน การบวกและลบพื้นฐาน

    ในชุดมี 30 ชิ้น ผักผลไม้ 25 ชิ้น และ ตะกร้า 5 ใบ

    เหมาะสำหรับเด็กอายุ 18 เดือนขึ้นไป

    2,750 THB
  • ตัวต่อแม่เหล็ก SmartMax, My First Acrobats

    SmartMax 'My First' Acrobats

    With 6 multi coloured shapes you can build a square, a triangle and a circle..... but when you start to mix these shapes and the metal balls, the coolest looking acrobatic figures appear.

    Create your own acrobatic structures, or try to build the structure on one of the 24 picture challenge cards which are included.

    The red base has a metal surface which gives the needed stability when building the craziest acrobatic structures.


    1,790 THB
  • ตัวต่อแม่เหล็ก SmartMax, My First Dinosaurs

    Do you know all the dinosaurs? Travel back in time to prehistory. Build and play with the dinosaurs, but watch out for the T. rex! Discover SmartMax My First Dinosaurs and be ready for exciting adventures. Expand your SmartMax My First collection with these colorful dinosaurs.

    SmartMax My First Dinosaurs is designed for kids ages 1 - 5 years. Let the imagination roam free, and mix and match for crazy combinations. The soft animals simply click on the bars, making them ideal for little hands. Introduce your kids with the magic and safe world of magnetics.

    SmartMax My First Dinosaurs includes 14 pieces and is compatible with all other SmartMax sets.


    1,790 THB
  • ตัวต่อแม่เหล็ก SmartMax, My First Farm Friends

    SmartMax My First Farm Animals is designed for kids ages 1 - 5 years, offering an early, safe, and fun introduction to magnetic discovery. Easily build and play with the animals, or mix and match for crazy combos! The soft animals simply click on the bars, making them ideal for little hands.

    SmartMax My First Farm Animals includes 16 pieces and is compatible with all other SmartMax sets.


    1,790 THB
  • ตัวต่อแม่เหล็ก SmartMax, My First Safari Animals

    My First Safari Animals is an 18-piece SmartMax set that enables kids to create six animals. The large, soft, friendly-to-the-touch animal pieces come together easily on the SmartMax magnetic bars for a seamless play experience. Creative kids and mix and match for some wild results! My First Safari Animals is a winner of the ASTRA Best Toys for Kids award, as well as the Oppenheim Toy Porfolio Gold Award.

    18 pieces, build a Lion, Hippo, Giraffe, Rhino, Crocodile and Elephant


    1,790 THB
  • ตัวต่อแม่เหล็ก SmartMax, Start Plus (30 pcs)

    Have fun building incredible structures with SmartMax! The new Start Plus set includes 12 medium bars, 6 long bars, 4 curved bars, 8 metal balls and a guide to building models. Extension sets are available separately. SmartMax enables young children to explore magnetism safely, with strong, oversized pieces that are specifically designed for handling by young kids.

    SmartMax products are safe and durable, made from the highest quality materials. Our magnets are incredibly strong, able to carry up to 60 times their own weight! SmartMax magnetic bars feature unique color codes: "Cold"-colored bars (blue, green, purple) attract "warm" colored bars (red, orange, yellow). Warm-colored bars repel other warm-colored bars, cold-colored bars repel other cold-colored bars.

    SmartMax products include complete, colorful guides with both product information and sample designs.

    All parts can be combined with all existing SmartMax sets, creating an endless range of possibilities!


    3,990 THB
  • ตัวต่อแม่เหล็ก SmartMax, My First Animal Train

    The My First Animal Train is a 25 piece SmartMax set that enables kids to create a full, moving, 4 car train along with three fun animals.

    The large, soft, friendly to the touch animal pieces come together easily on the SmartMax magnetic bars, while the oversize train components are simple to build and play with. The result is a seamless play experience that offers hours of play and story value.

    The SmartMax My First Animal Train is suitable for children aged 12 months and over.

    2,990 THB

    Out of stock

  • WOW Toys, Advent Calendar - Town

    Give your pre-schooler the perfect countdown to Christmas with this exciting and educational Advent Calendar from WOW Toys. Each day in the lead up to Christmas reveals a cute figure which can be matched with the numbers on the fold down play scene to make your very own Christmas world. Both boys and girls will love collecting new toys as Christmas approaches with a limited edition push-along police car included as well as exclusive figures and a build your own tree and snow man.

    This awesome Advent Calendar contains 24 toys including 1 push-along police car. A fun-filled activity sheet is also included.

    Regular Price: 1,790 THB

    Special Price 895 THB

  • WOW Toys, Fairytale 3-in-1 Multipack

    Head for the mountains and glide through the snow with your very own fairy-tale vehicle set from WOW Toys. Combining push-along toys and special magic features, this fantastic set is perfect for pre-schoolers who want to create their very own snow themed fairy-tale.

    Join Princess Ella and her luxurious carriage as she prepares for her big night at the Royal Ball. Open the green pumpkin carriage and prepare Ella for her big night with the help of her magical fairy god-mother Crystal. Spin Ella around inside the carriage to see the magic mirror turn with her and reveal her lovely evening dress. Attach the horse to the carriage and push it along to hear a realistic clippety-clop horse sound as Ella heads off to the ball. Charles the snow explorer sits firmly on his dragon friend as they patrol the WOW Ice Castle for any fairy tale baddies. At the first sight of danger, place the rattling snow boulder on the castle and press the leaver to fire the boulder from the catapult. Princess Amber is on her own snow journey to the ice castle. Attach the carriage to the back of the royal horse and push it along to hear the realistic clippety-clop sounds. Amber can then sit nicely in the back with her tea and cakes as she waves to the crowds on the night of the ball.

    Set includes carriages, chariot ,catapult, figures and rattling boulder.

    2,490 THB
  • WOW Toys, Dudley Dump Truck

    Join the super tough Dudley Dump Truck from WOW Toys for a day of heavy loading on the construction site. Load Dudley’s bucket with the 3 removable traffic cones and 2 removable barrels, then push Dudley along and watch his powerful motorised engine take him to his next job. When ready, just turn the switch to activate the automated tipping action and watch the contents fall out.

    Dudley also comes with a sturdy carry handle for easy transportation and a friendly construction man figure which fits nicely in the driver’s seat, as well as all other WOW Toys. Use Dudley and his other WOW Toys construction friends to help finish the job!

    Set includes dump truck, figure and accessories.

    Regular Price: 2,390 THB

    Special Price 1,590 THB

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