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  • Orchard Toys, Smelly Wellies Game

    A fun and simple matching game for children aged 2-6. Turn over welly cards to find matching pairs of wellies for your monsters. The first player to fill their board wins!

    There are two ways to play this colourful game, for both younger and more advanced players. This means children of all ages can play and enjoy the game together, either as a simple pairs matching or more complex memory game. The patterned welly cards can also be used to encourage children to identify the objects they can see on them.

    Featuring an array of colourful character illustrations, the quirky monsters are bound to get children giggling! Why not ask your child to pick their favourite monster?


    890 THB
  • Learning Resources, Pedro the Fine Motor Peacock

    Fine motor fun never looked so fancy! Kids build the essential fine motor skills they need to succeed in school and beyond every time they play with Pedro the Fine Motor Peacock. The friendliest fine motor toy for toddlers, this fine feathered peacock comes with 5 pinchable, pullable feathers. With push-in, pop-out play, these feathers make it easy for kids to build their hand strength, coordination, and other essentials of fine motor skill development.

    Pedro's feathers also come with a 4-in-1 learning surprise— in addition to building fine motor skills, feathers also come with unique textures that support tactile play, and introduce kids to early color matching and number recognition skills thanks to their vibrant designs and 1–5 numbered surfaces.

    Pedro's feathers are sized just right for little hands, making them easy to grasp and explore. When the fine motor fun is finished for the day, Pedro's durable plastic feathers also wipe clean for easy storage!



    1,060 THB
  • Learninig Resources, Snap-n-Learn™ Alphabet Alligators

    Play your way to toddler counting, color, and number skills! Set your kids on the path to school success with the fun, quick toddler activities found in the Skill Builders! Toddler Skills activity set from Learning Resources. This 41-piece set comes with all of the hands-on activities needed to help toddlers learn and retain preschool-ready skills; learn counting and colors with 5 Counting Kids,build letter recognition skills with 20 double-sided alphabet cards, and more!

    Designed with all kinds of toddler skills in mind, Skill Builders! Toddler Skills is a versatile way to learn; whether you're looking for homeschool supplies or teacher supplies for classroom instruction, this set has the fun, active play you need!

    This set can even function a supplement to learning workbooks for preschool! Skill Builders! Toddler Skills also comes with a built-in carrying case, so you can build your early toddler skills on the go!


    1,280 THB
  • Learning Resources, Snap-n-Learn™ Alphabet Alligators

    Matching uppercase and lowercase letters is a snap with these two-piece gators! Each color-coded gator is marked with uppercase or lowercase letter on the head or tail. Use the color to help make an alphabet match!

    1,330 THB
  • Learning Resources, Jumbo Dinosaurs

    Realistically detailed animals designed for little hands and big imaginations! Figures invite imaginative play and are perfect for vocabulary development. Activity guide includes facts about each animal and early science discussion starters. Made of durable, non-toxic plastic. Each animal wipes clean easily.

    2,170 THB
  • Learning Resources, Jumbo Ocean Animals

    Realistically detailed ocean animals designed for little hands and big imaginations! Figures invite imaginative play and are perfect for vocabulary development. Activity guide includes facts about each animal and early science discussion starters. Made of durable, non-toxic plastic.

    2,170 THB
  • Learning Resources, Jumbo Jungle Animals

    Children will go on their own jungle safari with these jumbo animals! Realistically detailed figures invite imaginative play and are perfect for vocabulary development. Made of durable, non-toxic plastic. Each animal wipes clean easily.


    2,170 THB
  • Learning Resources, Jumbo Farm Animals

    Jumbo farm animals designed for little hands and hours of imaginative play. Realistically detailed figures inspire independent or collaborative play while helping with vocabulary development. Made from durable, non-toxic plastic, each animal wipes clean easily. Activity guide includes facts about each animal and early science discussion starters.

    2,170 THB

    Out of stock

  • Learning Resources, Smart Counting Cookies

    Children learn to recognize, count and compare numbers with soft, plastic Counting Cookies. The cookies are numbered 0-10 on one side and the corresponding number of chocolate chips on the opposite side. Children can also engage their fine motor skills and hand eye coordination by picking up the cookie, removing the lid and placing it inside the jar. Smart Snacks Counting Cookies are great for tactile and visual learners.

    1,660 THB
  • Learning Resources, 1-2-3 Build It - Rocket-Train-Helicopter

    Learning Resources 1-2-3 build it! - rocket-train-helicopter. The fun is endless with this 3-in-1 toy vehicle set! children will develop their motor skills as they snap together the colourful vehicle body pieces to create either a space rocket, train or helicopter.

    Construction activity encourages problem-solving from an early age this all-inclusive set includes a character shaped screwdriver, 16 vehicle pieces and a multilingual activity guide. Largest vehicle (train) measures 14cm L x 14cm H when complete.

    Suitable for ages 2+

    1,550 THB
  • Learning Resources, Spike The Fine Motor Hedgehog

    Learning Resources spike the fine motor hedgehog. Early learning skills will spike with this peg-play fine motor hedgehog! featuring 12 coloured 'spikes', young learners can push their pegs into the spike's back as they build colour recognition, counting and matching skills. This early years themed set builds fine motor skills in small hands and encourages early maths learning.

    Set includes spike the hedgehog, 12 coloured pegs and a multilingual activity guide. Spike measures 15cm.

    Suitable for ages 18+ months.

    1,050 THB
  • Learning Resources, Number Pop 1-10

    Learning Resources Smart Snacks Number Pops. These fun and colourful ice-cream themed Number Pops will develop a variety of early maths skills. Early learners pop the correctly numbered shell over the ice cream with the matching number of dots to develop their early counting and number skills. Also great for colour recognition too as shells and dots match!

    This early maths skills activity set includes 10 pops and 10 matching shells featuring numbers 1 -10. Ice cream pops measure 5cm W x 7cm L. Set of 10. Suitable for ages 18 months +.

    1,660 THB
  • Learning Resources, Alpha Pop A-Z

    Reinforce upper and lowercase letter recognition as your child matches together these frozen pops. Great for fine motor skills and imaginative play. Each pop is double sided so all letters of the alphabet are included.

    Pops are self-checking by color. 26 pieces. Ideal for ages 2+.

    1,660 THB
  • ของเล่นฝึกสมอง Smart Games, Bunny-Peek-A-Boo

    Pull a rabbit out of the box!" Bunny Peek-a-Boo is a 3D puzzle for young children. It comes with four big, sturdy wooden blocks, and kids arrange the blocks to match each challenge. Some challenges may look very similar, but the solution can be completely different depending on things like how far the ears of the rabbit stick out. With Bunny Peek-a-Boo, children will have fun discovering the world of 3D spatial perception, an important skill in reading and mathematical reasoning.

    Children can solve the 60 challenges...or just play with the blocks as wooden toys, exploring concepts like above/below, inside/outside, visible/hidden, etc.


    1,790 THB

    Out of stock

  • บอร์ดเกมส์ Orchard Toys, Old Mcdonald's Lotto

    Old Macdonald Lotto is an early learning matching game, perfect for young players. Be the first player to match all your cards to your playing board, followed by the farmer, to win the game! The sturdy lotto cards feature animals and objects you might find on the farm such as milk, tractors and vegetables. You can use these to teach children about the farm environment and get them to spot the animals and objects when you next take a trip!

    (Instruction both Thai & English are in the boxes


    1,190 THB
  • บอร์ดเกมส์ Orchard Toys, Two by Two

    Pair up the animals and post them into the big 3D Noah's ark, then find the rain cloud to make the ark sail away! Cards can be matched by either animal type or colour. In the first instance Two by Two can be played as a simple pairs game with the cards face up, but as children progress can develop into a memory game.

    The colourful rounded cards feature bold illustrations of exotic animals from around the world, from turtles to rhinos to flamingos! These can be used to develop children's language skills by encouraging them to name the animal they can see on the cards. The game also includes additional character pieces for imaginative play.

    (Instruction both Thai & English are in the boxes)

    1,390 THB
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