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Learning Resources

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  • Learning Resources, Playground Engineering & Design Building Set

    Encourage your child to come up with their own designs or they can follow the Challenge Cards, which include how to build different pieces of equipment on a playground (a twisty slide, a swing set, a seesaw, and more).

    Reproducible worksheets based on the engineering design process are included in the Guide. Slide measures 6'L.Educational Benefits-Learning Style: Visual, Tactile-Skill Development: Problem solving, Following directions, Fine motor skills, Eye-hand coordination, Sequential thought, Critical thinking, Spatial relationships, CreativityIncludes-104 pieces including 10 double-sided Challenge cards, activity guide with reproducibles

    Suitable for ages 5+.

    2,170 THB
  • Learning Resources, Precision School Balance with Weights

    Sleek quality balance made of high-impact plastic features built-in weight case with Snap-Tight(TM) lid, 10 brass weights, 2' deep removable pans and zero adjustment knob. Total capacity of 2,000g with +/- 0.5g accuracy.

    Balance measures 12'L X 6'H

    Balance Components
    • The damping button helps make quick and accurate measurements. The
    button steadies the swing arm and prevents the pans from rocking during a
    • The calibration slider allows you to zero the balance.
    • Marked calibrations demonstrate when the balance is level and zeroed.
    • The balance contains a case with a lid to hold the masses. Storing your
    masses in this compartment will reduce the likelihood of misplacing them.

    Suitable for ages 8+

    3,280 THB

    Out of stock

  • Learning Resources, Simple Machines Set

    Build all 5 Simple Machines at the same time!Students can construct, examine and explain simple machines to develop a deeper understanding of how they make work easier.-A 5-in-1 value!Contains enough pieces to build a lever, pulley, inclined plane, wheel and axle, and wedge-all at the same time.

    More Details
    -Modify machines with 4 included weights (two 5g and two 10 g) and 8 included rubber bands to explore effort, force, load, motion and distance.
    -Labeled pieces assemble easily and separate to store.
    -Set of 63 pieces includes Activity Guide
    -Download 5 additional activity cards

    Suitable for ages 8-13.

    3,890 THB
  • Learning Resources, Double-Sided Magnetic Human Body

    Virtual Human Body Model Magnet Sheet learn basic science with respect to human internal organs Both sides can be used, there are internal organs. and human bone structure It can be used as teaching aids in the classroom and create a simulated body mounted on a board that magnets can absorb up to 90 cm high to attract children's interest in learning more. The set contains 17 images of various internal organs, along with an activity manual. and reusable diagrams for labeling.

    Suitable for ages 5-7

    2,170 THB
  • Learning Resources, City Engineering & Design Building Set

    Encourage an early love of STEM learning with this one-of-a-kind City Building Set. Your little engineers can create their own skyscrapers, cranes, bridges and more with 89 easy-to-assemble pieces. Use the included activity cards to complete design challenges, or create your own city. It's a unique way to challenge logic, problem solving, and engineering skills.

    Suitable for ages 5-7.

    2,170 THB
  • Learning Resources, Botley® the Coding Robot Crashin' Construction Accessory Set

    It's a crashin', bashin' set of STEM challenges for Botley the Coding Robot! The worlds of coding and construction collide in the Botley Crashin' Construction Challenge. The engaging accessory set comes with two new attachments inspired by the world of construction vehicles: turn Botley into a wrecking ball or tow truck with the moveable crane attachment, or snap on the adjustable plow arms and send Botley on bulldozer adventures! The set's full-color, illustrated guide includes six STEM challenges to get kids started—build up block structures, then code Botley to knock them down, clean up the mess, or tow them with the hook and cable! Botley Crashin' Construction Challenge also supports open-ended imaginative play that helps kids boost their critical thinking, problem-solving, and other essential STEM skills. Botley Crashin' Construction Challenge works with both Botley the Coding Robot and Botley the Coding Robot 2.0.

    Suitable for ages 5+

    1,390 THB
  • Learning Resources, Bingo Bear

    An all-new look for our classic Bingo Bears! Assemble your game board and grab your bear counters, then spin and match by color, size, or number. The first to get 3 bears in a row wins! Features customizable boards for unique play each time! Includes 4 boards, paper tiles, plastic bears, and spinner.

    Two Ways to Play!
    Explore early color and counting skills with this set's two game mode—match the pieces by number, or sort and match by color and size!

    Suitable for ages 3-7

    1,450 THB

    Out of stock

  • Learning Resources, Ten-Sided Dice in Dice

    Engage students in number concepts, counting, operations, and probability with these fun manipulatives!

    Features 10-sided shape on both interior and exterior die for teaching statistics, predictions and outcomes

    Suitable for ages 6+

    3,390 THB

    Out of stock

  • Learning Resources, All About Me Sorting Neighborhood Set

    Sorting fun for the whole family! Kids learn color, matching, and sorting skills as they talk about themselves and their families with the All About Me Sorting Neighborhood. Inspired by our popular All About Me Family Counters, this set of 36 plastic counters and 6 two-piece houses helps kids strengthen their early math and imaginative skills every time they play. Shaped like toy people, counters come in six different colors and shapes (man, woman, boy, girl, baby, and family dog) and are ready for work as sorting manipulatives. Sort people figures by shape, count them up, or match them by color with the corresponding house—there are multiple ways to learn and play!

    The All About Me Sorting Neighborhood also works as a family toy for kids, helping them build social-emotional skills as they sort and talk about their own families and homes using the included play figures. Best of all—people figures store inside the houses for easy cleanup!

    Suitable for ages 3+.

    2,000 THB
  • Learning Resources, Solar System Puzzle Globe

    Space is the place for preschool learning fun! Kids build hands-on science skills as they solve the out-of-this-world 3-D puzzle found on the Solar System Puzzle Globe, a hands-on STEM toy for kids from Learning Resources.Inspired by our award-winning Puzzle Globe, this fun rotating puzzle adds some space décor to the puzzle play action—kids position eight easy-grip planet puzzle pieces that also introduce the names and appearances of our solar system neighbors. In addition to building early fine motor and critical thinking skills, this STEM toy for kids is also ready for imaginative adventures thanks to its fun, friendly astronaut and spaceship pieces—as kids explore the cosmos with their new friends, there’s no telling what they’ll discover! When puzzle time is done for the day, the Solar System Puzzle Globe also makes an excellent space décor for bedrooms—the astronaut and constellations even glow in the dark, adding to the cosmic wonder to this educational toy for 3 year olds once the lights go out! We're Learning Resources®, and we've been helping parents and teachers build generations of amazing kids since 1984. From ABCs and 123s to fine motor and STEM skills, our educational toys offer kids the building blocks they need to succeed in school and develop a lifelong love of learning. Discover countless ways to learn through play with our award-winning products, including Toy of the Year winners Tumble Trax®, Botley® the Coding Robot, and Coding Critters™.

    Suitable for ages 3+.

    2,890 THB
  • Learning Resources, All Ready For Kindergarten Readiness Kit

    Preparing for school doesn't have to be a chore. Introducing All Ready for Kindergarten, a comprehensive collection of activities, hands-on tools, and more! Vibrantly designed around a kid-friendly insect theme, this kit includes kindergarten essentials conveniently bundled in a sturdy carrying case for learning at home or on the go.

    The Parent Guide is structured upon an easy-to-follow Ready, Set, Go lesson framework, which eases your child into grade-appropriate subjects through engaging activities and games that progress in difficulty.

    Best of all, it coordinates with your child's write-and-wipe Activity Book, ensuring that both of you remain on 'the same page.' Ready? Set? Go! It's time to help your child take the next step!

    2,560 THB
  • Learning Resources, All Ready For Preschool Readiness Kit

    Preparing for school doesn't have to be a chore. Introducing All Ready for Preschool, a comprehensive collection of activities, hands-on tools, and more!

    Vibrantly designed around a kid-friendly family theme, this kit includes preschool essentials conveniently bundled in a sturdy carrying case for learning at home or on the go. The Parent Guide is structured upon an easy-to-follow Ready, Set, Go lesson framework, which eases your child into grade-appropriate subjects through engaging activities and games that progress in difficulty.

    Best of all, it coordinates with your child's write-and-wipe Activity Book, ensuring that both of you remain on ''the same page.'' Ready? Set? Go! It's time to help your child take the next step!

    2,640 THB
  • Learning Resources, Primary Science® Jumbo Eyedroppers with Stand

    Jumbo Pipettes for little hands that are ideal for developing fine motor skills while learning primary science.
    Extra large droppers are the perfect size for children
    Sturdy stand keeps droppers in place
    Ideal for experimenting with volume and cause and effect
    Pipettes develop fine motor skills



    1,090 THB
  • Learning Resources, Bird in a Nest Sorting Set

    Momma and baby birds help young learners practice counting, sorting and colors in an interactive and engaging way. The bowls stack, and the momma birds can be used as finger puppets. Little learners will love matching birds and nests by color.

    This deluxe set comes with over 30 fun pieces! Nests measure 4'L x 1'H; birds measure 1'H (baby) and 1 3/4 'H (momma).


    1,330 THB
  • Learning Resources, Pedro the Fine Motor Peacock

    Fine motor fun never looked so fancy! Kids build the essential fine motor skills they need to succeed in school and beyond every time they play with Pedro the Fine Motor Peacock. The friendliest fine motor toy for toddlers, this fine feathered peacock comes with 5 pinchable, pullable feathers. With push-in, pop-out play, these feathers make it easy for kids to build their hand strength, coordination, and other essentials of fine motor skill development.

    Pedro's feathers also come with a 4-in-1 learning surprise— in addition to building fine motor skills, feathers also come with unique textures that support tactile play, and introduce kids to early color matching and number recognition skills thanks to their vibrant designs and 1–5 numbered surfaces.

    Pedro's feathers are sized just right for little hands, making them easy to grasp and explore. When the fine motor fun is finished for the day, Pedro's durable plastic feathers also wipe clean for easy storage!



    780 THB
  • Learning Resources, Veggie Farm Sorting Set

    What's growing in our garden? New learning! Your kids can grow their own skills and abilities in the playful fields of the Veggie Farm Sorting Set from Learning Resources. This engaging playset encourages the development of color recognition, matching, sorting, and early counting skills against the backdrop of a friendly farm.

    Realistic plastic vegetable figures come in five vibrant colors, and represent popular veggies including broccoli, corn, onions, pumpkins, and more. Aside from learning new veggie vocabulary, kids can use these figures, along with the included bushel baskets and soft foam playmat, to work on other real-world skills. Sort the veggies by color, count out each type of vegetable, or match the colors and shapes to the ones depicted on the playmat's farm signs.

    The Veggie Farm Sorting Set is a snap to clean, and folds up into a convenient carrying case for post-playtime storage or on-the-go play.


    1,670 THB
  • Learning Resources, Dive into Shapes! A "Sea" and Build Geometry Set

    Splash into geometry! Combine sticks in 3 sizes, along with curves for making circles and cylinders, with 2 different types of connectors to build 2-D shapes. Then, combine them to make new 2-D shapes or even 3-D shapes! Child-friendly set features durable sticks, curves, and connectors.


    2,060 THB
  • Learning Resources, 20-Second Handwashing Timer

    Healthy hands mean healthy kids! Help your little ones build essential hygiene habits to last a lifetime with the 20-Second Handwashing Timer from Learning Resources. Perfect for bathrooms, classrooms, or wherever sinks are found, this fun interactive timer provides visual and audio cues to let kids and adults alike know when they've hit their recommended handwashing goals. Simply tap the timer, take three seconds to grab some soap, then start scrubbing while the light is lit. When the timer hits 20 seconds, you'll hear a little beep to let you know it's time to stop!

    Each timer is small enough to fit in even compact spaces; decorated with fun soap bubbles, timers also form an important step in keeping homes and classrooms healthy during cold and flu season.


    670 THB
  • Learning Resources, Lights and Sounds Buzzers (Set of 4)

    Kids will light up when they reach for these fun buzzers!
    Sounds mimic real-world objects-a siren, game-show buzzer, laser and 'charge!'
    A great way to boost student response during any class activity or game!

    1,940 THB
  • Learning Resources, Wriggleworms! Fine Motor Activity Set

    Pull up new fine motor skills one wiggly worm at a time! With the Wriggleworms! Fine Motor Activity Set, kids can grow a garden full of new skills with none of the mess! With the help of the set's specially designed Tri-Grip Tong, kids catch and pull worms from the soft foam activity board, building hand strength, pencil grip, coordination, and other essential fine motor skills as they go!

    These worms build more than just fine motor skills—the Wriggleworms! Fine Motor Activity Set is packed with 5-in-1 preschool learning fun! With the included spinner and activity cards, kids can turn learning into a game as they master color identification, sorting, critical thinking, and early math skills! Best of all, the Wriggleworms! Fine Motor Activity Set is an easy indoor way to recreate the fun of digging in the dirt without any of the associated mess! A great fit for kindergarten or preschool classrooms!


    1,615 THB
  • Learning Resources, MathLink Cubes Kindergarten Math Activity Set: Dino Time!

    Let's build new kindergarten math skills, one cube at a time! This imaginative take on our MathLink Cubes activity sets helps kids build counting, sorting, and other essential kindergarten math skills through fun dino-themed games and activities. With 100 MathLink Cubes to work with, kids can also explore their imaginations through hands-on, open-ended play. Includes reusable storage box.


    1,500 THB
  • Learning Resources, Primary Science Lab Set

    Perfectly sized science tools support early hands-on science investigations. Durable pieces feature measurement markings. Activity cards introduce science process skills, living and nonliving things, physical science, senses and more.


    - Beaker

    - Magnifying glass

    - Funnel

    - Eyedropper

    - Flask

    - Tweezers

    - Goggles

    - 1 Large 6' test tube (with lid and stand)

    - 2 Small test tubes (with lids and a stand)

    - 10 activity cards


    2,640 THB
  • Learning Resources Sight Words Swat! A Sight Words Game

    With 5 levels of play, this game is for everyone! After one of the 220 Dolch sight words is called out, use your swatter to swat the word on the matching fly. Collect the most flies and win! For 1-4 players. Swatters measure 9"L each.

    Includes: 110 Double-sided sight word flies, 4 Colorful swatters


    1,000 THB
  • Learning Resources, Pizza Fraction Fun Game

    Time to make a pizza! This clever game teaches fraction concepts and skills using slices of pizza to identify fraction denominations. Children play seven different games to practice identifying fractions, matching fraction equivalents and performing fraction addition and subtraction by building pizzas.

    Game includes:
    13 double-sided pizzas (one side shows fractions) and three double-sided spinners providing different levels of learning.

    1,330 THB
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